A.A. History from Letters, Brochures, etc.


An overview of the origins of the 
Big Book and its Publishing History
An Interview with Dr. Paul, author of
Doctor, Addict, Alcoholic 
Interview with Nell Wing
Bill Wilson's second secretary
Marty Mann Info!
Henrietta Seiberling Letter  An Introduction from
Marty Mann
Remembrances from the Washingtonian Society Some Information about Rev. Sam Shoemaker
Oxford Groups Four Absolutes
(modified for A.A.)
The Original Six Steps
Dr. Silkworth's Comments on "slips" Historical A. A. Sites 
In New York City
Here is a Quotation
That We All Need To Remember and Respect
If you are serious about your A.A. Program
You should read this!
Mr. "X" and A.A. The "Samaritan" Treatment
Short Biography on Roland Hazzard, Ebby's Sponsor The "God Concept"
Tolerance -
By Dr. Bob
Ego Deflation
by Dr. Harry Tiebout
Various Reviews of the Book
Alcoholics Anonymous
A Partial listing of
 Some Predecessors of AA
Dr. Silkworth's full paper on:
Psychological Rehabilitation
Dr. Bob's Last Major Talk
Some research on the origins of the
Serenity Prayer
A Tribute To Sister Ignatia
Interesting comparisons from
Dr. Sam Shoemaker
A letter To Bill
from Ruth Hock
The Story of the Author of 
Twenty Four Hours A Day
The Philadelphia Handbook
How to Make a 12th Step 
From the Chicago Archives
Phillip Wiley takes a jab at
Author information for the 
24 Hour a Day Book
The Akron Manual
Chronological Listings 
of Early A.A. By State
Bill Wilson's address at 
Yale University
A History of Pamphlets in A.A.
By GSO Decisions
History of the Traditions
Special Interest Groups in A. A. Steps with Clarence Snyder
Little Rock
Approach Pamphlet
Incorporation of Alcoholics Anonymous
Dallas Preamble Ebby Thacher
A. A. Speakers Manual from 1940 Info from some early Pamphlets
Early Pamphlet from Akron on
Studying the Twelve Steps
The First Five Years by
Lois Wilson
Dr. Bob Smith on "Tolerance" Dr. Fosdick Again Recommends Us
The Four Absolutes The First A. A. Pamphlet
The Texas Pamphlet
Information about Richmond Walker An Internal GSO Document about Harm Reduction

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